BY Lilia Davis

This turbulent year is ending and we want to celebrate with gusto! We are excited to present you with an intriguing gift guide we prepared in mind to celebrate the women and men behind all this selection of gifts suggestions for Christmas and beyond.

With this gift guide online, we are able to reach women and men, as well as businesses from Austin, San Antonio, McAllen, Houston, Dallas, Texas and in Monterrey, and Cd. Victoria, Mexico plus for the first time, creations from Marfa Texas. In addition, we have ideas for gifts made in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York and Barcelona

Below you will find a present suitable for almost every purpose, for the house, something to eat, to read, for children, and for every day, – no matter what the limits maybe on your budget, because this selection is intended to make you dream!


HUTTON HAT by GLADYS TAMEZ MILLINERY. Mexican entrepreneur and designer with her own vision of quality handmade hats. Born in Texas, raised in Mexico in a family of bullfighters. The Hutton hat is a perfect balance of asymmetry, romantic elegance and punk details. They discretely draw attention and admiration in any crowd. $265. Available here

PONY NECKLACE 18 K GOLD with a white diamond and a black enamel eye by KRISTIN OHMSTEDE JEWELRY. Handmade jewelry designed by Los Angeles-based Texas-born Kristin Ohmstede, an artist and designer, dedicated to riding, breeding and the well being of horses. 10% of sales goes to @returntofreedom for the protection of horses. $2,475. Available here.

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE SET by NATURA BISSĒ Indulge somone with a dose of essential nutrients to make the skin look firmer, more hydrated and full of energy. These are two star products from the NATURA BISSĒ from Barcelona – Did you know that their first salon in the USA was opened in McAllen, Texas? Set includes Moisturizing cream for the face, eyes and lips. Holiday Set $128  Available here.

MOSTLY CHOCOLATE BOX. Based in Houston, Texas, they are artisanal chocolates awarded as the best in the world, and with first class customer service. Give a box of 12 or more! – chocolates with modern designs and try your favorites – Goat Cheese Truffle, Pecan Pie Truffle, and Hazelnut & Pop Rocks. Don’t forget the Don Julio Tequila Chocolate Special. $34. Order here.



«DUSTY ROSE» PINK CORDUROY DIANA BLAZER. The cult brand Rowing Blazers from NYC manufactures customized jackets for the most prestigious rowing clubs in the world. We present this luxury blazer inspired by Princess Diana, following her preppy «Sloan Ranger» style with interest renewed by «The Crown». A regal present, you might say.. $760 Available here.



MIA HAT. A romantic hat with an evocative lace veil in soft and elegant feminine pastel colors. The creations of the Mexican designer Galdys Tamez Millinery based in Los Angeles, are the favorites of the singer Lady Gaga. Made to order in from two to three weeks. A special gift. $400 Order Here.

RED MULES WITH MONARCH BUTTERFLY. Designed by Haeberli Piel. Mexican shoemaking is on trend now and prized. This elegant gift is emblematically beautiful. The butterfly is a tribute to the monarch butterfly that passes through the state of Tamaulipas between September and October. They fly over the Rio Grande headed south and pass through Ciudad Victoria. We love them! Shipping available to USA. $125. Order here.

SCENTED LUMINAIRE: DREAM. The aroma of linden, white tea, bergamot and honeysuckle fragrances of this dreamy LOILLA candle will enchant , as a pleasant memory while asleep. In addition, the elegant glass design will fit well into any space of the home. Hearth & Soul $34. Order here.

THE MEXICAN HOME KITCHEN. Mely Martinez, a Mexican author from Tampico, living in Dallas, Texas brings a special cookbook with traditional Mexican home recipes from the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Veracruz, Puebla, State of México and Yucatán in a single edition. She recommended the Red Pozole and the Green Enchiladas. Order here.

CERAMIC TRAY TEMPLO. The well regarded gift and jewelry store Cadeaux in San Antonio recommends this modern designed ceramic tray for the home. Decorated with hand applied gold glaze it comes in a splendid gift box with gold print. $35.00. Order here.


MEXICAN CHOCOLATE SKULLS HERNÁN, grown according to the tradition of the Mayan region, are always part of a joyful celebration. Isela Hernández, based on the border near Del Río Texas and Cd. Acuña, Mexico, recommends this hand woven palm basket gift filled with chocolate to be enjoyed as candy or with a frothy Mexican hot chocolate. $18. Order here.

HERENCIAS COOKBOK. Bernadette Molina, inspired by the Mexican and Salvadoran cultures in which she was raised in Los Angeles, honors the heritage of her matriarchs in a book with all the recipes that she learned and created over the years, always with a modern and healthy perspective. Order here.


EMPANADA MAKING KIT. Enjoy the Argentinean empanadas from the Buenos Aires Cafe of Austin, with this KIT from the Argentinean chef Paola Guerrero Smith to make them at home. Order your choice of 32oz. of filling for 1 dz., with the option to add more. $40. Order here. (On the Menu: select Argentinian Market and search under Cooking Kits)


CHARCUTERIE TABLE -DO IT YOURSELF of CASERO. Jackie Letelier from roots in Chile and Texas returns with this GIFT SET to make yourself. To give or to enjoy any occasion of the year. It includes the cheese board, all the handmade ingredients and also includes the bamboo utensils $98. Order here.


APHRODITE OYSTERS. Picnic 4 Two. Kristen Jordan, returns to Austin after her culinary training around the world, Costa Rica and Buenos Aires, among other countries and offers us this gift suggestion from the sea to celebrate any occasion. Includes, oysters, large seasoned shrimp cocktail and sauces. $88. Order here.


AVOCADO EARRINGS. Someone will love this gift. Sloan Hall in San Antonio offers these cheerful and whimsical avocado earrings handmade in Colombia. An ideal gift for food enthusiasts or for cooking at home in style. $35 Order here.

HEALTHY CORDE. A recipe cook book completely in Spanish by Cordelia Garza, from Tamaulipas Mexico currently living in Dallas, Texas. Her research of restaurants and chefs during her travel around the world and appreciaton of her Mexican roots are translated into her recipes which are incredibly simple but always with a balance of nutrition. $39. Order here.


SALSITA COPPER BOWL. From Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico and in Austin, this perfect gift for the presentation of your sauces, condiments, garnishes. A functional and beautiful bowl that will elevate the the table, buffet, bar or simply your Mexican food. SERTODO COPPER. $59. Order here.

LAZY SUSAN FIRE ACACIA. This is a special gift for the house and it is made of Acacia wood, one of the naturally strongest and most durable woods found in Australia. And it includes the chalk to write the name of each of the appetizers on the edge of the plate!. Available at HEARTH & SOUL. Order here.


SILK T- SHIRT SENTIRE. By Colombian designer Francesca Sesana Arbeláez invites women to dare to be themselves with garments with messages and lifestyles. Featuring for Stitchlab creates your go-to comfy black t-shirt and a tie back silk tank with an “A MI MANERA” (My Way) slogan print. Two classic staples combined to achieve a look that will automatically make its wearer cool. $85 Available here.

SILVER BIRD BARRETTE by Kristin Ohmstede Jewelry based in Los Angeles. Get ready to wear your hair in style with this beautiful handcrafted silver barrette. Includes a sapphire eye. A perfect gift to wear on a casual day or just to put a smile on somone’s face. Available here.


ABANICO CLUTCH. Start your new trend with this versatile fan-shaped bag. Vanessa Farina, Venezuelan fashion designer trained in Barcelona designed this versatile piece created to provide shade and breeze. Quality handcrafted work made by a group of specialized saddlers using genuine and organic materials. Stitchlab. $115. Available here.


MANOLO BLAHNÍK Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions by Rizzoli Books. A gift that cannot be missed. The book by the master of the art of the shoe provides access to never-before-seen photographs of his designs. Do you know his last name is also Rodríguez? One of his editors, from McAllen, Texas, indicated that Manolo required them to write the accent on Blahník’s «í» in the title. $150 Available here.

NEW MOON LIGHTde LM White. New York-based jewelry and lighting designer Lindsey White of Texas created this lamp that will become someone’s favorite as it casts a beautiful shadow on the walls behind it. An exquisite and modern gift. $350. Available here.


C+C VITAMIN EYE CREAM. From Barcelona comes this eye cream from Natura Bissē USA headquarter in Dallas, Texas, that someone will love. It prevents the first signs of fatigue and recovers luminosity – Excellent gift for the eyes after the long use of the screen in a laptop. $64 Available here.

FLAME BALL PEARL PENDANT . This stunning pearl necklace, a design by the artist Joan Urquiola, of Cuban and Mexican roots based in McAllen, Texas, is attached to a Vermeil lobster diamond brooch and is beautifully interchangeable. ANIK JEWELRY $375Available here.


ROMPER, by CLASSIC CHILDHOOD, a sustainable brand designed for children based in Austin, Tx. Designer Pamela Torres Foller of Chichuahua, Mexico, creates this classic European style reversible romper, for boy or girl, in lightweight cotton and soft red, handmade. Try it without a shirt, with a shirt, socks or stockings and a jacket. $34.95 Order here.

CONDOR SOCKS with Pompom- by Classic Childhood. Knee-length socks for children made of cable knit in gray. High quality soft and warm cotton. Imported from Spain $16. Order here.


TENNIS TRETON – Sweden’s iconic design is reinvented here with these Mexican Bugambilia and Poinsettia colors, which no one can resist. The official Swedish Olympic team sneaker in 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. It celebrates both style and comfort, Proven fact! $85. Order here.

MARIA GALAN BAGS. Give this elegant and practical backpack designed by Maria Galan from Monterrey, NL, Mexico inspired by the style of the marine/military handmade cotton fabric. Mexican actress Jacqueline Bracamontes loves MG bags. Ideal with interior pen bags, and room for a purse and bag or laptop. $59. Order here.


COOKING IN MARFA. By Virginia Lebermann co creator of the celebrated Ballroom Marfa and many other ventures in the arts, and Chef Rocky Barnette of the Capri restaurant in Marfa. A recipe book with innovative versions of classic Mexican dishes, as well as American food in one of the most emblematic small towns in the West Texas desert. Viriginia recommends to try the mesquite bean ice cream, and it is easy to make at home. $49.95 Order here.

CACTUS FLOWER AND TANGERINE EXFOLIANT. The subtle aroma of mandarin oil helps awaken the spirit while gently exfoliating. San Antonio’s LA NOPALERA celebrates and elevates Latino culture. Exclusive at the SAMA Museum. $32. Available here.

LEATHER CUFF and TOP. Handcrafted accessories by Allie Azzaro Designs. Designed and crafted by San Antonio polo player Allie Azzaro, daughter of one of the highest rated polo players in the United States. Stylish on or off the horse. CUFF $125. Leather TOP with python trim and python artwork on the back $1000. Order by Instagram direct here: @allie_azzaro_designs



MEXICAN TECUÁN MASK. Ballroom Marfa. Made by award winning and protean Mexican fashion designer from Saltillo, based in México City, CARLA FERNÁNDEZ and artisan don TOMÁS NAJERA for Ballroom Marfa. These Masks are originally from San Francisco Ozomatlán, Guerrero, they are used in a traditional Nahua dance that narrates the story of a jaguar and its confrontation with hunters. $225 Available here


NAIL POLISH – QUINTANA – Miranda Bennet Studio in Austin has created this nail polish that will be a welcome gift with its delicate antique color with orange effervescence. Ideal for all seasons. Made in the USA. Vegan. $18. Order here.

CHOCOLATE EYE SHADOW PALETTE – A rewarding gift that leaves the recipient guilt-free! Gourmande Girls of Austin creates this stunning blend of matte and shimmery eye shadows in warm neutral to warm chocolate tones. $25. Available only in Blue Elephant and Order here.


LIMONARIUM APRON- ROSA. by Mariana Velasquez, Colombian food stylist and designer based in New York. (And our cover girl 2017). This no strings, simple pull over apron design was inspired by the prolific Mexican architect Barragán… for his magnificent work and for his eccentricities… one of which was having all-pink lunches prepared for him. Designed in New York. Made in Bogotá, Colombia. $80. Order here.

ARDE JOSEFINA. (Mauricio Achar Award) by Luisa Reyes Retana, Mexican lawyer and author and director of the Mexican cultural center in Berlin, is a detailed work about two brothers Josefina and Juan who were born in Manchester but grew up in Mexico City. Their parents later abandon them in Mexico, upon their return to England. This dazzling novel is a reminder that every family can be a catalyst. Available at your Ghandi bookstores in Mexico or your favorite online bookstore.

ONCE I WAS YOU. A Memoir of Love and Hate in Torn America. With her adroitness as a writer even more than a journalist, MARÍA HINOJOSA, an award-winning journalist in the United States over a career spanning nearly thirty years, guides you through the history of immigration issues in the United States and how they have evolved and affected the country’s most vulnerable populations during the various presidencies. In this manner, leaving you with enough tools to form your own opinion and have a conversation, even a debate, regarding the policy towards immigrants in this country. $25. Order here.


IN A CLOUD, IN A WALL, IN A CHAIR: SIX MODERNIST AT MIDCENTURY. The Chicago Art Institute produces this beautiful book about this exhibition of never-before-seen works by six visionary women artists in Mexico: Clara Porset, Lola Álvarez Bravo, Annie Alberts, Ruth Asawa, Cynthia Sargent and Sheila Hicks. $150 Order Here.

REDES DE VANGUARDIA: AMAUTA and Latin America 1926-1930. Give this award-winning book from the Blanton Museum as a gift to the art enthusiast in your list. Excellent publication about the exhibition and the key role that Amauta magazine played in the visual arts of Peru, Argentina and Mexico… $39.99. Available at the Blanton Museum Shop.


CERAMICS OF MATA ORTIZ, by Anastasia Villa. Mata Ortiz is a town of Artisan Ceramists who have maintained the ancestral technique of the ancient inhabitants of Paquimé, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. $90. Available in Austin at KAHLO’S HOUSE.

BALUCHI PILE GALLERY RUNNER. Owner Ha-yat, of Mexican (D. F.) and Palestinian (Jerusalem) roots and Arabain horse breeder, recommends this wool-on-cotton linen fabric with goat hair. Each piece expresses the personality, style and tribal vision of the weaver, both historical and ritual. A gift that will last a lifetime. $750 TRIBAL ORIENTAL TEXTILES. Order Here.


GOLD DEFLATED BALLOON. This whimsical and fun balloon designed by Natasha Ho, will be an unexpected gift that will make you smile instantly. This 13-inch balloon is an ideal gift for serving candy, apples or favorite Mexican chewing gum. FDA approved. Cadeux, San Antonio. $55 Order here.

SPARKLING WINE FROM THE PATAGONIA PINOT NOIR. of Gaucho Winery, in Spicewood Texas. To celebrate nothing less than a gift of sparkling wine recommended by the sommelier and co-owner of Argentina Maria Eugenia Sewell. Made from 100% PInot Noir grapes, the wine has a beautiful light salmon color and is made with the traditional method of champagne. Order Here.



LIGHT BLUE LONG DRESS, by JIL SANDER. Iconic German designer house creates this gorgeous and elegant dress that acts as both a cape and scarf. Never underestimate a first impression. A feminine and flattering silhouette with a shawl look, makes it the perfect piece for any occasion. This dress maintains its wearer in style for this, and many more years. Fabric made of Mohair, Silk, Polyamide and Wool. Now in Austin at ByGeorge Boutique. $4,250. Available Here.

Our collaborator, MARIA VITTORIA SESTA designer and artist from Italy and Austin, returns with this beautiful cover. «The girl is part of an illustration group called Dancers, I love the way music turns the infinite options to express yourself, in a wonderful and fluid way, … so she expresses joy and gratitude.» MV’s designs are available here.

This list will be goo to consult gifts from Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and until the Spring of 2021.