Text and Illustrations by: Aneika Pérez

With the situation we are currently facing, you have probably heard that it is time to find your inner self, but if you have never done so before, you are probably wondering what exactly do they mean by this? And how would it benefit me to do so?  Here are two tools that will help you.

Being Aware of Who You Are

Well, the first thing we need to do is becoming aware of how the beliefs, patterns and evolution of our society have led us to think that happiness is found in what is on the outside of us, and being even more specific, identify with the labels that represent us in front of others out there, and it is only when we go on the inside that we are able to recognize our true essence, and begin to give intention to our life from the depths of our being.

Our True Self

It is in this connection with ourselves that we realize that no matter what the circumstances of life, and the changes on the outside, there is something that remains and never changes, our True Self; and it is this certainty that sustains us in the face of any difficulty or unexpected circumstance, where we can go back to every time we feel that everything is falling apart and where we find the strength to overcome whatever is put in front of us.

So finding your inner self at this time means to pause, to work on our connection with ourselves, to allow ourselves to feel all the emotions and sensations that we are experiencing, but to have the capacity to let go, to return to our center and find peace; it is not an easy job, but it is possible. 

These are two tools that can help you:

Place one hand on your chest and another on your abdomen

1- Take a Breather

The first and most powerful tool is your breath. Yes, it all starts so simply, with something we take for granted more than once, if not always, and hardly acknowledge in our daily lives.

Becoming aware of our breathing not only helps us on a physical level, but also gives us a tool to calm the mind and even start the practice of meditation in a simple way.

Give yourself a minute, just like that and wherever you are, close your eyes and observe your breath. 

Just feel the rhythm of your inhaling and exhaling without changing anything. You can place one hand on your chest and another on your abdomen and feel how with each inhalation the air comes in and your body expands and, on exhalation the air is released and your body contracts, and continues to breathe.

Try to lengthen the time of your exhalation gradually, and a little at a time. When you’re ready, open your eyes, and see how you feel, did anything change?

Use this exercise every time your emotions get the better of you, or your stress starts getting afloat, and you will see how something so simple can make a difference in any circumstance.

Meditating is easier than you think

2- Meditation: Demystifying the Practice 

The practice of Meditation, will help you to foster deep awareness, and find tranquility and peace in your daily life; but as I said, it is a practice and constancy is important; with just one session you will probably feel its benefits, but maintaining a continuous practice will help you to become more aware and see them more clearly. 

Meditating is easier than you think, and it is something accessible to everyone, because we have a tool that is always within our reach, – breathing. 

You can use your breathing as an anchor to bring your attention there, if thoughts appear, return your attention to your breathing again and again, and you are already meditating.

Contrary to popular belief, meditating is not about making your mind blank.  

Meditating is simply opening spaces between our thoughts, spaces of infinite possibilities that we reach through silence; silence in which we learn to listen to our inner self, where we find all the answers and learn to live with intention.


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