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Karely Rincón is a Mexican singer and songwriter better known by her stage name “Una Canción Bonita” who participated in SXSW Music Festival 2024. The independent artist presented three new songs that are part of her first album which will be released in April.

TIME OUT México named Karely Rincón as one of “The 10 most promising independent artists of that year” in February 2019. She had previously been invited to the SXSW festival but it was canceled due to the pandemic.

I interviewed Karely Rincón after her performance in Austin, Texas during the SXSW Music Festival. The excitement and gratitude on her face could be felt as she greeted everyone who approached her.


Karely Ricón always dreamed of being a singer but she avoided it to do other things. There came a time in her life when she began to question what she was doing with her life.

“I started out of curiosity since it was something that had always caught my attention and I wanted to pay attention to it, ‘just for fun,’ said Karely. “When I started playing it was like waking up something in me that was dormant.”

One of her inspirations was to get out of her comfort zone and entertain herself with a hobby.

“Listen to your intuition, listen to that heartbeat, that hunch that tells you: do this. What comes next is the least of it, just do what you have to do right now. If you do it well ‘cool’ and if you don’t too.»


When she started, Karely Rincón was living in the United States and decided to take the opportunity to compose songs. The only thing that stopped her was that her friends and family realized that she was an artist.

She was very sad that her friends from Mexico saw that she was a singer and songwriter because she worked on the radio for many years. They only knew her from that part of the media.

“Whoever was going to find a song of mine for me had better not know who she was in case they didn’t like it,” Karely said. “They weren’t going to criticize Karely, they were going to criticize Una Canción Bonita.”

She did this to remain anonymous and protect herself from potential haters. If they liked her music, they could look up who she was.


Karely Rincón did not grow up in a musical environment or with someone in her family who had reference to music, which has caused them to not understand very well what happened in her artistic career.

“My family has been amazing but sometimes they don’t understand what it means to be an artist,” Karely said. “Our parents’ generations associate success with fame and money but they don’t know that’s not the case.”

Karely Rincón takes everything that has happened in her artistic career as part of her growth and at the same time also pampers the inner child that she always wanted to be a singer.

“It feels nice to have the support of your family and friends. Maybe they don’t understand what it means to release a song or everything that goes into making a production, but they applaud it.”


Karely Rincón studied several majors, communications, tourism, and international relations, but only finished one, marketing. Right at that moment after finishing her degree she began to question what she was doing with her life.

“I don’t find myself anywhere,” Karely said. “It was like I study because I want to have a good job where I make money and like I’ve had one or another job but “I’m not happy and I’m not rich.”

Many independent artists focus on music 100% and Karely Rincón also does the same and even focuses on her other work. The part-time job she has is related to the industry but her project is her priority.

“Whenever I have jobs I see that they are related to music or that do not allow me to block myself from my creative process.”


Karely Rincón is preparing for the release of her first album “EL VIAJE” which she has been releasing through singles. During his SXSW performance, he sang three new songs from his album.

“One of the things that is coming is to release music like Karely Rincón and also like Una Canción Bonita,” mentioned Karely Rincón. She is no longer afraid to reveal who she is and she will do so with one of her new songs called ‘El Viaje’ this April 5th. LRM


Photos courtesy of Karely Rincón

By Laura Miguel Journalist and Creative Director of La Revista Mujer