Photo: Andrea Tejeda K.

By Elsa Tovar

Lorenza Ávila – one of the women we had the pleasure to celebrate in our magazine was included in the 31 WOMEN WE LOVE (MUJERES QUE AMAMOS) of the Mexican magazine QUIÉN by SHE’S Mercedes in México city, in its special annual edition this March 2020. Lilia Davis, our editor, was chosen as the pen to write her profile  for Quién magazine, which we share below in its full version. 



Entrepreneur, Pioneer and Leader in Digital Marketing

The name Lorenza invokes courage, determination, a woman of victory. When I met Lorenza, she was that and more. I was delighted that behind Kiwilimon, the most beloved leading digital cooking platform, there is an attractive and sophisticated entrepreneurial woman with a brilliant personality shining from within and  a conversation always full of enthusiasm, and like her recipes, never without taste. 

That energy clearly demonstrates that Lorenza is a woman of determination. She knows how to take control of complex business situations and spares no effort to solve them – with the impatience of no tomorrow. She is a woman at home in two cultures. 

31 Women we Love Celebration – Foto cortesia de la Revista QUIÉN

Paradoxically, you can see in Lorenza an emotional and reflective woman, with an evident passion for disciplines that affect her environment in the most elementary way; architecture, interior design and art.

Lorenza emanates from herself the essence of a contemporary woman, a pioneer, a motivator by nature and a dedicated protector of children and women as an essential pillar of life. 

A woman who knows how to preserve a space for spontaneity in her life, to enjoy the moment, to live in the now, – primordial. She is a paradox, a beautiful paradox with a sparkle in her eye.

 By: Lilia Davis 

For:  QUIÉN magazine in México.