By: Diana Martínez

Illustration: Aneika Pérez

The Spanish Podcast created by Women is taking on an impressive strength in the Latino community because the Podcast is a content platform that enjoys the flexibility to listen to them anywhere and the opportunity to be entertained and learn become knowledgeable about a large variety of topics. According to various surveys and publications, 2019 was the Year of the Podcast and proof of this is the amount of new productions on the podcasting scene.

Podcasting in Recent Years 

To give you an idea of this important activity here,  I have included a diagram from the data from FastCompany and focusing on the listening of podcasts on the main podcasting platform (Apple Podcasts / iTunes), the evolution in terms of podcast downloads/playbacks in recent years has increased from 7 billion in 2014 to 50 billion in 2018 (cumulative data).

Podcasts in your Language

The impressive numbers of podcast downloads indicate the power this new medium has. The most impressive thing  regarding this activity, is despite the fact that there are more than 850,000+ podcasts currently, only 22% are headed by women.  If we are concerned with podcasts hosted by Latin women in Spanish, the percentage decreases significantly.

In addition, according to a study conducted by Univision in conjunction with Edison Research, shows that 4.8 million Hispanics listen to podcasts, representing 16% of total listeners.

It also shows that 79% of Hispanics who listen to Spanish-language podcasts would prefer to see more podcasts in our language since two-thirds of Hispanic listeners identify more often with a Spanish-speaking host


More and more women are causing these numbers to change, expressing their views  and adding their voices to this medium, creating original content in our language in the Podcast format, the perfect platform to reach the ears of an audience, wherever it might be.  

We are making room for digital audio dialogue and giving voice to realities that almost always escape other podcasts hosted by men, such as feminism, motherhood, sexuality, breastfeeding, and finance from a woman’s point of view,  some of the topics that have emerged significantly in the Spanish-language podcasts with women in charge. 

The list is growing in Mexico and around the world with some already well established with hundreds of episodes such as  Martha Debayle, and Se Regalan Dudas.  There are a number of others, enough that it would be difficult to list all of them in this small space. However, if you still don’t know where to start listening to podcasts or if you want to expand your listening, here is a short list of podcasts that are starting to take off.


Emprende Bonito with Jessica Noguez,  includes a variety of experts talking about business strategies, marketing, inspiration and women’s empowerment. The underlying philosophy here is  working together is always a more beautiful way.

Nosotras en el Café with Diana Martinez, yours truly. Here you will join a conversation with women who inspire me, where they share their stories and strategies. It’s a dose of inspiration and tools to make your dreams come true. Will you have coffee with us?

Estrategia, Negocios y Dinero Larisssa Davila, a business consultant, brings the respected strategists from different areas sharing their tools and resources to develop businesses and achieve financial freedom.

Entre Brujas with Bianca Pescador is a podcast for the woman who wants and perhaps can have it all. A space where you can find advice, support and feminine growth on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. 

Finanzas sin Filtro Cynthia Rodriguez, addresses financial foresight, and presents techniques for implementing positive financial habits to help you achieve financial stability.

Ellas Ahora. Andrea Rioseco, Diana Orozco and Lindsey Thoeng bring you stories of authentic women who enjoy what they do, break new ground and with new paradigms. Women the podcast admires for their freedom and for being themselves.

Renuncia Feliz Marissa Belvis shares simple systems and tools for support  in taking the first steps to start a business while leaving you with time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

Hablando Sola Nery Granados, shares her views, opinions and philosophical reflections on life and some incongruities of human beings.

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Hormonas en Sintonía Vanessa Castillo, an educator of the isothermal method, addresses reproductive health issues with a holistic profile to improve and become aware of this important issue.

Simply Cait In this Podcast. Caitlin Vélez creates a space where you will listen to songs that promote the health and well-being of women while you connect with other professional women who want to see you ready to live the best version of yourself.

Entre Cruzadas Podcast Leila Camou transports you to conversations of people who tell intimate moments. How they intersected with something or someone and changed their lives.

Hola Poderosa with Gabriela Mitri is a series of interviews with women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, communicators and artists talking about their techniques and strategies to generate credibility and impact in their respective fields.

Para Vivir Mejor Psychologist Yucel Cuevas invites you to discover what is behind your emotions, to pursue your dreams and enjoy the moment. You will learn extraordinary stories of people who dared to make decisions and advance themselves. 

Con Madres Fátima Torre and Mama No Sabe, they present this podcast where they talk about the myths and realities of being a mother. A refreshing conversation with diverse guests contributing their knowledge and opinions.

Nutrición Amorosa In this podcast Judith Covarrubias creates a conversation with experts to learn how to nourish, love and heal yourself.

No somos Famosos. Joan Folch and Victoria Joseph do an excellent job in their podcast No Somos Famosos. A podcast with humor, experiences, journalism and culture where they contribute the immigrant perspective in different topics of general interest

En Mi Piel is a podcast that seeks to raise awareness about radical acceptance. Roberta Bárcena talks with her guests about different topics around self-acceptance, self-love and feeling comfortable and happy in our own skins.

Infusión in this podcast Ana Beat interviews individuals  who stand out in the fields of the arts, entrepreneurship, social responsibility and well-being. The guests share their experiences at  the stage in which their ideas were first being formed.

 Maria Lactanz In this podcast, Daniela Cárdenas presents this podcast on breastfeeding and motherhood, where through conversations with experts and specialists you can learn about the different perspectives on these topics.

Lo Que Nadie Te Dijo In this podcast you will hear stories from the perspective of four millennial women. Arianna, Diana, Vicky and Andrea talking about everything from social and personal issues to finances. This podcast is a good look at the new generation.

Me Encanta el Podcast by Lilia Davis, Editor in Chief of La Revista Mujer, premiers her podcast this month while sharing the energy of the women she has interviewed  talking about their interests and inspirations,  topics and tips aimed at providing women with the courage to pursue  what they love!

Las Imparables In this podcast Alejandra Tejeda talks to inspiring women about why, what to do and how to become the best version of yourself. Her goal is for you to discover what makes you successful.

El Podcast de los Sueños  And to close this list, Belén Canalejo, pioneer of the world of online influencers and successful entrepreneur, launched her podcast in 2019 where she shares keys to personal growth and practical advice that will inspire your life. If you are moved by dreams, passion and the desire to become  better every day, you have to listen to her.

Try sampling these podcasts now and be inspired by these women who are bringing original content in Spanish from all over the world to your ears.


Diana Martinez, born and raised in México, is a contributor of La Revista Mujer and the creator of Nosotras en el Café, the first podcast in Spanish in Austin. A digital platform and podcast where she helps women to materialize their dreams and projects, through conversations with women who have mastered their talents, where they share their stories and strategies to the women who listen. Chosen in the Selection of Podcasts Led by Women in iVoox, the largest podcast platform in Spain during the month of March by reason of celebrating Women’s Day. Diana is also a podcasting educator and Spanish-language podcast talent promoter led by women, content creator and super fan of karakoe.

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