By Lilia Davis

We are proud to celebrate the work of Esperanza Teasdale, a Latina Marketing Industry Leader as PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit Marketing Vice President and General Manager, bringing together the culture, music and the Hispanic voice in the release of their new campaign: «ES LO QUE QUIERO» (THAT’S WHAT I LIKE). She is responsible for Pepsi’s overall Hispanic strategy, engagement and overseeing the sales of Pepsi’s Hispanic business in North America.


Esperanza studied Engineering and never thought she would excel in the Hispanic Business Marketing industry. As she continued her studies for her master’s degree in business, marketing and economics, Esperanza eventually found the space where her knowledge of science and her creative side fully flourished and become the woman she is today: a successful Hispanic woman who became Vice President and General Manager of Marketing for PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit.


We had the pleasure to speak with Esperanza a few days before Pepsi announced their partnership with Telemundo’s second season of «La Voz,» the Spanish-language edition of NBC’s winning series, «The Voice.»

The integration will also bring to life and feature the newest U.S. Pepsi campaign tagline, «That’s What I Like» («Es Lo Que Quiero»).  Launched earlier this month, the new tagline is the brand’s first in two decades. It is inspired by the most loyal Pepsi drinkers, who proudly like what they like and live their lives out loud without worrying about what others will think.

Esperanza talks about her Pepsi journey and her team’s vision and strategy to connect with the brand’s ever growing «fusionistas» fans and her journey as a business woman in the marketing industry.  


How did PEPSI come to capture the essence of «ES LO QUE QUIERO» (THAT’S WHAT I LIKE) new campaign tagline?

It’s really the result of feedback. At PepsiCo, the Hispanic consumer is a key focus area. The Hispanic Business Unit plays a strategic role in winning their hearts with authentic celebrations of the Hispanic cultures and passion points. Pepsi is also offering products that truly appeal to our Hispanic customers. .

In such a highly competitive beverage industry, what would you do to convince a person who was raised in the South Texas border drinking other popular drinks, to drink Pepsi instead ? 

Well, we focus on the emotional side, the construction of «That’s what I Like» helps us learn better what attitudes and behaviors we have and motivates them. How do you motivate them? First, by raising awareness and convincing them how to continue, finally La Voz helps reach out to Hispanic “Fusionistas” .


Why did Pepsi choose to partner with Telemundo’s La Voz?  

Pepsi is passionate about elevating the diverse and exciting voices within the Hispanic community. Our new integration with ‘La Voz’ is the perfect platform to do that. Pepsi also celebrates and empowers the rising talents that are putting their hard work and passion out there for the world to see. 


Tell me more about Pepsi’s «Fusionista”, is this a new marketing term or segmentation to describe Hispanics, or is it specific to Pepsi?

Great question, «Fusionistas” are bicultural Hispanics who celebrate and blend their Hispanic and American cultures and celebrate this fusion of cultures. They live a 200% lifestyle, fully maintaining their Hispanic heritage, while also embracing American culture. We discovered this audience through our research to better understand our Hispanic consumer.

Our latest creative work with “Es Lo Que Quiero” (That’s What I Like) was inspired by fusionistas, and our new integration with La Voz where we celebrate and empower rising talent, are doing just that.

How does the visual part of this campaign come into play with the new tagline?

Our partner Hispanic agency at Alma helped us develop three new national TV advertisements to launch the new tagline. They include people who find themselves dancing in different everyday places such as on the «Subway» at your home DJ BBQ or at the Laundromat («Lavandería).

The commercials bring the unapologetic “dance like no one is watching” spirit of “Es Lo Que Quiero” to life. Pepsi’s history is rich in music, one of the passion points of the fusionista consumer. And the new commercials emphasizes this spirit using a variety of upbeat music that spans the dance hall, and of course, Latin pop. They are really a lot of fun! 



What obstacles, if any, have you encountered throughout your career journey?

I started my career as engineer. I remember a high-ranking woman who wanted to learn about my passion for marketing at the beginning of my career. She asked me if I had had a lemonade stand when I was a kid, and I said no, and she said: “How can you be a salesman?”  She didn’t help me, so I found my own path.

This was a pivotal moment for me, and through my perseverance and passion for what I wanted to be, it really helped me focus. Having no support, I started learning new things and adding new skills sets to my profession that led me to be recognized for my work. More importantly, I understood the importance of mentorship to be able to grow.

Can you tell me more about your role leading PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit?

My new role leading the Hispanic Business Unit is exciting.  Our team was recently created and our goal is to truly understand the Hispanic consumer. We aim to educate our colleagues to better understand the diverse Latino landscape, keeping true to cultural authenticity, our passion points.

Our team includes marketing, insights, strategy and innovation and sales. Our focus is to ensure our brands reflect the communities that we serve.

You have to express what you want and defend it

Express What you Want

What do you recommend to a woman in order to be more visible in her work and be recognized so that others can be inspired or be aware of the importance of her work.

One of the things I notice in the meetings is that women often don’t impose their point of view, you have to have a point of view and defend it.  It is also important to approach people who can be your mentors and sponsors, but approach them in an authentic way.  

Another important thing is to use emotional intelligence to help overcome difficult moments. For example, you have to be considerate with the answers, especially when you have to say something you do not agree with. Avoid saying something hurtful or negative that the other person will never forget. This is extremely important. 

I am the daughter of Hispanic immigrants and I was always taught that you have to talk to people with respect and that you have to help others.  In that. I can say that I am a champion.

Esperanza Teasdale


When I finished the interview I realized that Esperanza Teasdale is an intelligent and professional woman with an enormous charm, and carries well the great responsibility upon her shoulders. I  felt that her message crystallizes the attitude in this new 2020 decade: to define what you like to do, and do it now, throw yourself at it, without worrying about others judging you for it, and with all the passion to reach success. Are you up for it?

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