By: Liliana Ary · Life and Wellbeing Coach ·

My mission as a Life Coach is to help you to know and understand yourself better, and discover external factors or aspects of your personality that prevent you from achieving permanent emotional balance. I have created The Self-Love Project, designed for women who are looking to transform their lives, eliminate their fears, emotional pain and toxic patterns. This transformation will help you activate your personal power, and become a strong and assertive woman, capable of facing the day-to-day challenges.

When you are able to accept the idea that in order to have a fulfilling life you have to achieve inner balance, and have a clear idea of your personal needs, then you are taking the right steps towards a real life transformation. The goal is to identify areas of your life or personality that need to be improved with effort, patience and love. By doing this, you obtain positive results that will give you stability, and allow you to flow through life both healthier and happier.

Three steps to help you maintain your self-love:

  1. Value yourself

Some people perceive self-love as egotism. However, it is really a healthy and necessary behavior in your life. Having self-love means being able to protect your emotional health, to surround yourself with loving people, to stop verbal or physical abuse, and to engage in activities that will help you feel physically and emotionally balanced. It means being able to keep pursuing your dreams and meeting your needs without trying to meet other people’s needs. When you value yourself you have the opportunity to achieve constant balance, because you understand that your happiness depends on you alone and on your actions, and that you are the one responsible of taking the necessary steps to be happy.

  1. Manage your emotions

People that constantly suffer emotional ups and downs without a true reason or resulting from insignificant situations are considered insecure, unstable and incapable of managing their life’s challenges. There are eight basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, trust and anticipation. Each emotion has a vital function in our lives, even the negative ones. It is natural to experience anger or pain when facing difficult times, but it is crucial to be able to process them faster and better in order to avoid further conflict. Therefore, self-love is being able to manage your negative emotions correctly, and to stay in a space where positive emotions are a constant in your life.

  1. You decide!

Delegating your wellbeing is giving up your right to be happy. When women establish a formal relationship it is a common experience that they stop making their own decisions. By doing this, they lose their identities and their ability to know what they really want and need. To avoid this, I recommend always trying to make your own decisions without fear of failing, and taking full responsibility for the consequences. Every time we make a decision we are taking risks, but when you are able not to worry about the outcome, and focus on the process you become stronger and you also gain personal and emotional balance.

To become an empowered, assertive and emotionally stable woman you cannot stop feeling love and respect for yourself. The Self-Love Project seeks to highlight the importance of having self-acceptance through an open, objective and compassionate vision, and to be able to create more and healthier emotions/actions that will help you deal with your life challenges.

I want to end this article reminding you that you are a wonderful and loving person, and that you are not in this life to be perfect but to be happy. Your happiness and wellbeing should be your every-day priorities. Every morning repeat: “I love and respect myself. I deserve to be happy”!

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