Text:  Lilia Davis
Art: Maria Vittoria Sesta

La Revista Mujer presents the very first gift guide with suggestions for your friends, colleagues and family members. Enjoy this guide that includes some of the profiles of women who have gone through the pages of our magazine and who have shared their stories inspiring others and over time have become Our Forever Favorites. But we also include Our New Favorites with businesses or profiles of women that will soon be on our pages. We aim to continue supporting them because once they are in the pages of La Revista Mujer, it is like if they have come to their own home. And let’s celebrate!


1. Olive + M. / Limited Edition Pumpkin Enzyme Polish + Mask $ 36. Founder and owner Mariska Nicholson recommends this pumpkin enzyme scrub cream filled with vitamins and nutrients that will leave your skin radiant. Available here

2. ANIK / Ruby Earring with Gold Shape Clover $ 80. Joan Urquiola founder and designer of Anik Jewelry based in McAllen, Texas, specializes in hand made piece designs, such as these eye-catching ruby ​​earrings, the perfect complement for every occasion and good luck! Available here

3. MY MARIA VICTORIA / Dear Diego Clutch – Black and White $ 38. Carolina Sandoval and Paulina Nava, overcome a sad experience by successfully founding a company of handbags made by women in Guadalajara, Mexico. This bag will be a special gift because you take a little Mexico with you. Available here

4. BAKERY LORRAINE / Paarisian Macarons. Box of six $ 13 or twelve $ 24. The talent and sweet chemistry of ANNE NG flavors is expressed with this box full of irresistible French macaroons, one of its brand labels in San Antonio and now in Austin. Available here

5. TESSA CHOCOLATERIE. Christmas ornaments $ 3 each. Tessa Halstead surprises us again with these beautiful chocolate ornaments – they are perfect for parties or to decorate your Christmas tree. Guaranteed to disappear before the end of the night! Available here


6. VANESSA MUSI / Healthy Pastry Courses. If you prefer to give an experience that will benefit you immediately, these courses of gluten free, keto, paleo, vegan, low sugar recipes are an excellent choice! Gift Card $ 100.  Available here

7. DOS LUNAS CHEESE / Cheddar Cheese Chipotle $ 9. Joaquín Avellán and his daughter Electra, produce some of the highest quality and delightful artisanal cheeses, vegetarian and without GMO with family recipes from Venezuela. Available in Quick Pickie stores or here

8. CONFITURAS. $ 10 -12 .  Stephanie Mclain’s rich jams have been recognized for her special care in each of them and for her passion for making their products with local ingredients. We recommend bourbon caramel apple jam, ruby ​​red grapefruit jelly, ginger pear preserves Available here.

9. TAMALE ADDICTION / TAMALES, $ 3.50 each. Adrián Paredes and his wife Mariana make their tamales with organic masa and are exquisite and light because they are made with Oaxaca family recipes, tradition and creativity. Your next party will not be complete without them! Available here

10. MEXICAN TODAY. Pati Jinich discovers old recipes by giving them a contemporary twist; but always respecting traditions. You’ll love their stories that inspired each recipe. Available in your favorite bookstore.


11. ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO. 1997-2107 by Rizzoli. Maria Cornejo This book is the first volume with a retrospective of 20 years of work by the famous fashion designer, feminine, classic and minimalist with an emphasis on sustainable fabrics. A trendy gift and maybe you can even find the perfect jumpsuit on its pages! Available in your favorite bookstore.

12. SLOAN / HALL. Candle by Roi du Lac $ 75. Shannon Hall and Marcus Sloan / celebrate 25 years of providing one of the best styles in San Antonio and Houston with designers from around the world. This Italian jasmine candle and other shades made by Laura Tonatt.- is three gifts in one: for home, for art and a brief visit in Turin Italy, right here in Texas! Available here

13. TANE / TALAVERA charm $ 70. Araceli Graham brings us the best designs in Latin America through Cooperativa Shop, such as TANE one of the highest quality silver jewelry in Mexico since 1942. Give this Mexican Talavera charm, which you can accompany in a silver bracelet with a «concha» sweet bread charm, or a cactus or even the Palace of Fine Arts of Mexico. Everything at your fingertips. Literal. Available here

14. FAIL Jewelry / Thin Wave Ring $ 56. The elegant and fluid style of Christina Fail is perfectly represented in the contemporary design of this beautiful hand-forged ring; Perfect for stacking, but it also stands out on its own. Available here

15. MARIE-BELLE Chocolate + ART / Box of six $ 22. Maribel Lieberman takes you on a trip through New York City in this beautiful box of exquisite gourmet chocolates with delicate art designs that reflect the city and her passion for art, with eclectic ingredients and excellent quality artisan techniques. Available here.


16. POP AMERICA. 1965-1975. One of the most complete books and brilliant illustrations that presents pop art as a hemispheric phenomenon. Esther Gabara, art curator of the exhibition with that name, explains in this book the importance of pop art in America – with an emphasis on the é. Text in English and Spanish. Visit the McNay Museum gift shop or your favorite bookstores.

17. THE WINE REGION OF LA RIOJA. The experience and great passion that Ana Fabiano feels for this region is palpable in this book. Her detailed descriptions and stories as ambassador of La Rioja will encourage you to take a trip directly to La Rioja. An essential gift to appreciate the good wine. Available in your favorite bookstores.


18. RICHTER GOODS. Shirt. $ 110. Mario Guajardo joins his talent with Jack Donnelly of Austin to create a collaboration with Richter Goods of San Antonio. This classic shirt in 100% light cotton and / or Japanese oxford fabric with modern finishes, handmade in San Antonio is a special gift. Available here

19. SON OF A SAILOR / Lola Pet Waste Bag Holder / Hand-Stamped Rio Pattern $ 59. You can  finally go for a walk with your dog in style thanks to this elegant container for pet trash bags.The wave design engraved on it is inspired by the San Marcos River, Texas. Available here

20. KEKA KURI / Art T-Shirts $ 25. Plastic artist from Monterrey and McAllen, Texas, Keka Kuri began painting with his hands by accident, now her large paintings adorn a great number of interiors, and she is inspired by Mexican painter Manuel Felguérez. But you can wear Keka’s art! -try these beautiful Art t-shirts that carry images of women’s faces from her own paintings. Available here


21. HONEST COTTON / Maddie Long Sleeve Tunic $ 78. Handmade in Mexico with the best quality cotton.The mission of Angela Humphrey and her Mexican mother is to provide and establish better working conditions for women in the textile industry. To receive exclusive discount of 15% for La Revista Mujer readers apply the code MUJER. Available here.

22. SUPERGOOP! / Eyeshadow SPF 30 $ 24. A nice gift for your eyes! Holly Haggard of San Antonio is changing the way the world thinks about sunscreen one once at a time. Give the first long-lasting SPF 30 eye cream that keeps your beautiful eyes protected from UV rays. Available here

23. LACQUER Nail. Carla Halter, founder of Lacquer Nails says hands to work! With this gift, which guarantees to be received with a big smile. Its organic enamels do not damage your nails. Dare to take your hands to another level with one of the best nail art salons! Gift Card Available here


24. ESTILO. Velvet dress $ 230. Who needs a  «Little Black Dress» when you can have this classic soft velvet dress wine color? Stephanie Coultress and Estilo bring modern, fun and versatile dresses like this Nation Charlotte Shift Dress. Wear it with ankle boots and – you’re ready to celebrate! Available here

25. LM WHITE New York. / Forged Bangle $ 75. Lindsay White, from Texas roots to the great city of New York. This simple and elegant handmade bracelet will be a gift you will never forget. To receive exclusive discount of 15% for readers, apply code LRM15. Available here

26. MERITUS of Fall Creek Winery $ 50. Ed and Susan Auler go together with the Texas Hill Country (AVA) designation of origin together with the expert Chilean winemaker director Sergio Cuadra, who have produced exceptional wines from Texas such as Meritus, excellent to accompany a good rib roast, a velvety wine and elegant to decorate any party table! Available here


27. CASERO / Charcuterie and Cheese Boards. $ 65 to $ 98. They are a delicious and attractive gift, prepared with local ingredients. Its founder Jackie Letelier includes an exquisite homemade pate inspired by her family recipes from Chile in each of her boards, which are named after women who have inspired her. Available here.

28. LIMONARIOUM. PANNA APRON / $ 80. MARIANA VELÁSQUEZ renowned culinary stylist in New York who worked in the White House book «American Grown» by Michelle Obama, has designed her own Limonarium brand of aprons made in Colombia. You’ll look comfortable but elegant – it will remind you of Audrey Hepburn as a princess in the movie A Roman Holiday. Available here


29. MARGARITA CABRERA / Collaborative Work $ 70. Patricia Ruiz Healy, Ph.D, makes a detailed tour of the work of the Mexican artist born in Monterrey. The art of Margarita Cabrera focuses on the relations between the United States and Mexico and what that personal experience implies hoping to create awareness through her work. Available here

30. TEQUILERO GLASSES / Haeberli Piel. $ 90 (2) $ 120 (3). Made in Victoria Tamaulipas by two sisters Rodriguez Haeberli, this novel handmade gift with a leather design from the traditional Tamaulipas leather is perfect for enjoying good tequila. Available here

31. COAMIL NECKLACE $ 135 / CUATA Jewelry is a jewelry design company based in Guadalajara, Mexico formed by the twin sisters Elena and Isabel Moncada, whose contemporary jewelry designs frequently appear on high fashion shows such as Mercedes Benz Fashion week México. Available at the Nave Coyote @ The Historic Pearl San Antonio TX pop-up concept store or here.


32. WELCOME ALL BEAUTY / Break the Internet Hair Extensions. $ 99 Gaby Natalie, Argentine author and presenter and recent spokeswoman at the United Nations founded this company to solve her hair problem – with a mission: to empower ALL women. This multi-layered extension adds incredible length and volume to the hair in seconds. – Just in time for the holidays! Available here

33. MI QUERIDA AGENDA / $ 40. Designed by Pamela Romo and a team of Mexican illustrators.Its mission is to help other women have more control of their time and feel good about themselves. It includes a large space for gratitude and self-esteem, with phrases that inspire you, tips, your achievements, your bucket list and even helps keep track of how many glasses of water you have taken daily. Available here.

34. BOND No. 9 / Bleecker Street Fragrance $ 230. This unique perfume is inspired by the mecca of designers in New York. The hand-painted bottle reflects a fabric with rich autumn tones and its perfume has notes of violet leaves, cassis, jasmine, cedar wood and vanilla, among others. A gift that lasts forever. Available here



35. MARIA LUISA ROJA CAPE / $ 1,600. Haeberli With this gift you will feel like in a dream ! A luxury that you will wear proudly and its bright red color will make you stand out with a classic, traditional and elegant style. One of the special haute couture designs of the Haeberli sisters of Tamaulipas because it is named honoring their grandmother María Luisa, its creator. It’s timeless and you wear it casually or for a gala, with an evening dress, you will look spectacular. Special order. Available here


LARGO PÉTALO DE MAR. Isabel Allende offers this novel that is based on the history of the Spanish refugees who arrived in Chile on the Winnipeg, which the poet Pablo Neruda helped with making the arrangements. It also tells an incredible love story of the young doctor Víctor Dalmau, with the pianist Roser Bruguera, who are forced to leave Barcelona, ​​exiled and crossing the Pyrenees to France. Victor and Roser will meet with exile again, but as the author says: «If you live long enough, all the circles come to a close»

GUADALAJARA ARCHITECTURE GUIDE. Mónica del Arenal takes you on a tour of 171 city buildings throughout the city’s history completely detailed, including works by Luis Barragán, Ricardo Legorreta, Juan Sordo Madaleno, Macías Peredo, among others, as well as the mural work by José Clemente Orozco and the sculptural work of Mathias Goeritz. A visual panoramic with beautiful photographs and maps prepared especially for this second edition 2019. An excellent gift for those interested in Mexican design. $ 20 Available here

BERTA ISLA by JAVIER MARÍAS, award-winning Spanish writer, takes you to a world of international intrigue and espionage, as well as to a spy story and also, to a deep examination of a marriage based on secrets and lies. Berta and Tomás Nevison seem to lead a normal life, until the couple’s destiny changes radically when Tomás disappears during a business trip … this novel maintains tension and suspense, as the story unfolds over more than a decade, moving from Spain to England, returning in the end to Madrid, with a surprising conclusion. One of the best novels of the year.  Available in Spanish and English editions.

VEGETABLES  UNLEASHED. We welcome this new and innovative cookbook by award-winning Spanish chef José Andrés, James Beard Award in 2018 for his Humanitarian works, which will transform the way we think and eat the vast universe of vegetables.

Let’s clarify, – it is not a vegetarian book, rather it is a push toward making you aware as in “you don’t know what you are missing”: includes recipes for artichoke chips, roasted asparagus with miso, avocado smoothie and carrot paste and fried eggplants with honey. Chef José AndrésJose Andres addresses the objections about  lack of flavor with a section on sauces and dressings to highlight the taste of vegetables at meals such as a recipe for cauliflower with bechamel and mushroom cappuccino. Essential to give as a gift and for you to enjoy it now.

MEXICAN STYLE. Nothing like seeing and feeling a country with fresh eyes, such as the Spanish author, Susana M. Vidal does here, whom as a keen observer and outsider tells the story of the Day of the Dead as never before, presents the «Frida effect» in its various forms and highlights the story chocolate, mezcal, chile and the  duality between yesterday and today, with a deep communal feeling for the nation: the greatest personality trait found in Mexico. A gift you won’t forget. 


MARIA VITTORIA SESTA. Designer and artist from Italy. She lives between Italy and Austin Texas with her husband and two now grown boys, Thomas and Oliver. She began her art career in Italy. She works with images, materials, colors and spaces, and her design work has been incorporated and acclaimed  at celebrated Boutique Hotels in Italy. Maria Vittoria is inspired by the sunlight before the storm, the bright movement of dancers, the celebration of the day of Saint Lucia. She loves objects and looks for ways to connect them to tell stories. Visit Maria Vittoria here.